I want to learn to play the guitar, how long will it take?

When I had this question asked, I always wonder why are they learning to play the guitar?

Are they trying to learn for a specific song?

Are they wanted to do this as a hobby for the summer?

Are they trying to learn just so they can have it as a school on the CV?

I always find it a strange question to ask how long it will take to master something.

How to truly master an instrument

To truly master something there is something that takes 10, 20 years.

For anything…

It’s not just guitar but it could be the piano or could be singing. The number of hours you put in is important, but the more important thing is if you are actually gonna keep going for that long. And what kind of hours, and practising and learning you are going to put in for that duration of time.

There are people who learn the guitar for 20 years and can only play four chords. And then we have students who play for 3 months and can play at Open Mics…

But I only want to learn guitar for the summer

If you only want to learn to play the guitar for a few months, you only get limited things out of it.

It’s not you… it’s Science

Naturally there was a study that showed that how long you think you play something for correlates to the amount of progress that you make. In a classroom kits were they thought they were going to play them instrument in this case a violin, for 20 years.

Fastest kids that I thought they were only going to play it until the end of school year. The ones who thought they would play it for 20 years made a lot more progress. That makes sense because you have a vision for do you wanna achieve long-term, you might actually do more practice because of it. And you might be more enthusiastic about the instrument you thinking that you can apply for such a long time.

Put the progress wasn’t minuscule it was 2 or 3 times folds so makes a lot of difference How long you think you wanna play the guitar for. And this is an accounting for practising time this is when the practice the same amount of time. 

So what are you saying?

I hate to say it’s like how long is a piece of string…. But…

When people ask me the question… “How long does it take for me to learn the guitar?”

I always look at them with a puzzled face and they probably look back at me and wonder what I’m thinking.

Here’s someone who really has mastered the guitar:

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