Being a female guitarist.

Many people for you being female as a challenge that we need to overcome in the society. Men have all the privileges and as women we need to overcome our “shortcomings “to be able to compete in the world. However I see things differently. Being female is in! People want female musicians. And don’t forget the biggest earning star of 2018 was Taylor Swift who is a pretty young and attractive female! And a guitarist.

But what about as a profession? I hear you say. 

I think we should be celebrating our differences! And realise that being with a woman actually helps you in the musical world rather than something that you’ve got to overcome. And if you are a female guitarist who is doing session work.

There are so many opportunities of band managers and And record artist who will be dying to have you join them.

One of the most important thing I think is female is to remember that you still have to be good you have to be good at instrument you have to be a master of it being female does not mean you get a shortcut to the top. I need this being a man. It’s important that you are good at what you do no matter what your sex is.  

It’s important that you build your own following and not rely on others to create success for you.

And even better if you have other things that are unique to you that is your selling point if you are ethnically Asian if you’re ethnically black these are things that can make you really stand out.

No things that you should be celebrating posting on social media to help other people recognise you. You can create a niche for yourself and you start to sell your persona to a record label for example.

It’s important that you build your own following and not rely on others to create success for you. You are the only one who can build your own success and be responsible for it. And the more you can create that yourself, the less reliant you will be on the label or on a manager and therefore You will have a lot more control and power over your music in the long run.

You might remember that Taylor Swift is currently in a legal battle of her record label and has been going through probably hundreds of thousands of lawyers fees to try and win a music back.

And that’s because she was so young when she became a star. For you there are so many musicians out there who really only music properly and you can use them to start at six samples for yourself.

Now even if you’re not composing and you just playing on tracks you can still get royalties for those suits important that you know the legality of what it means to be a professional musician..

So don’t let being a woman hold you back. Use it to your advantage and as a strength.

Use your experience and thinking to create a success for yourself. Whether that’s as a singer songwriter or session musician, or even just playing in front of a few friends. Whatever it is, go for it!